Family | Say hello to Bo

Hello there my lovelies. Is a family complete without a dog? I love dogs and I just wanted to introduce you to our beautiful girl. Come say hello to our spotty dalmatian Bo. Dalmatians are beautiful dogs on the outside and the inside. Independent and stubborn, yet wanting affection on their own terms, that’s a dalmatian.

As you know I mother boys, but we do have one girl in the family. A spotty one at that. Bo has been with us since 2010 and first lived with us in Oberon. She then moved with us to Forrest Beach, then over to New Zealand, then in 2019, back to Brisbane.

I think dogs add such life and love to a household. Bo is the most reliable member of our family. She is easy to please, always happy to see you and give so much for so little. Do you have a furry friend in your life? We love and adore her, and I hope you do too, cheers Le xox

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