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Farewell to Fat | Low Carb + Keto Friendly Shopping Show and Tell #2

In support of my low carb eating and sourcing keto friendly products, I have been back to the Low Carb Emporium. Last month, I while I was looking online to find Melinda’s Seed Crackers (my review here – delish!), I stumbled upon the Low Carb Emporium. So, this month I went back for more. You can also get Melinda’s lower-carb muffin mix at the Low Carb Emporium too. Plus I have reviewed these super yummy muffins here.

Not only did the Low Carb Emporium have Melinda’s range, but they also had a plethora (just love that word) of low carb staples and goodies. So, in support of my keto eating, I have bought a wee selection of items. If you missed my first show and tell, it’s here. This time I went back for more Little Zebra chocolate (this time white, although the orange was delish, but I am an equal opportunity chocoholic, so I had to try a new one), some little extras like Tasmanian relish and jam and Primal Kitchen ranch dressing. Plus some fab Mingle spices.

I have to say the Low Carb Emporium have delivered again. Great service, so well packed, and this time an unexpected surprise. None of my chocolate melted and everything arrived safe and sound, on time and as described online.

As always over the next few weeks and I will be reviewing these products. Plus I will have some yummy baking recipes to share using the ingredients. I am refining my low carb cookie recipes and so far I have made choc chip, lemon and hazelnut, cinnamon and choc chip. Delish! Hope all is well with you and your world, cheers Le xox

Sharing some dishes from my baking efforts, all super easy and quick. From left to right … Fathead dough ham and cheese scrolls, seed crackers before I have cracked them, raspberry cupcakes and pear and rocket salad.

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