Recipe | Doughnut Holes | Keto + Low Carb + GF

Be prepared to BE EXCITED!! I thought doughnut or donut holes were a thing of my past. Now that I am committed to low carb, no sugar and keto, I thought my wicked donut eating days were over. Plus I though cookie dough was definately OUT OF THE PICTURE.

But NOOOOOO! I have found how to make a great fakery (my word) donut hole out of macadamia nuts. Macs are the poster child of the keto nut world. So there could literally be no better choice.

The chatty and rather long winded video below has all the details. Enjoy, Le xox

  • Prep 20 easy minutes
  • No cook
  • Freezer to firm
  • Skill – easy as
  • Needs a food processor
  • Ingredients – easy to find
  • Gluten free + vegan
  • Keto friendly
  • Low Carb – less than one


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