Rewind | June 2020

Hard to believe June 2020 is done. Another month gone, of living under the COVID19 shadow. I don’t think we can call it a super, big threat right now to me and my family, as Queensland seems to have it sorted, but it is definitely NOT life as normal. For me there seems to me an ever present shadow over the world. In some many ways we are not done yet with this pandemic.

My heart still breaks for the US, UK and other hot spots. Also our own Victoria. Poor old Victoria has seen a second wave hit, from security guards at quarantine hotels. What a low blow. Over ten communities back in lock down for four weeks.

We are still living by the ‘stay home, stay safe message’ for the most part. This weekend just gone we had our first extended family gathering since February. My dad turned 86 and my niece 11. A cause for celebration.

So how was your June, do tell! Here is my June in rewind. Something new, I have done some of the update on a video as I am loving exploring this format. It’s so easy and I think I’m getting better at it, slowly!


June saw the end of my four week home fitness challenge. Overall, it was a huge success. My final results are here. I wrote weekly and mid week updates on my intermittent fasting (IF) + keto/low carb eating, so if you missed any here they are. I have decided to continue on with keto and IF. It just feels right for me.

June also saw me start to write my Farewell to Fat story. This series details my gain and my loss. I took some images to remind myself of how far I have come. Sharing those with you now. Even as I look at these pics, I find it hard to believe how far I have come. I also spent a fair bit of June researching and adding to my keto knowledge. I am part way thru writing my first keto-esque guide. It’s a grocery list full of good keto choices to help me stay on track. It will be going to subscribers the first weekend in July. Sign up if you would like it in your inbox.


In June I launched my Universal Truth Series. I’m taking the accumulated learnt knowledge of managing people, places and resources since my early 20s and distilling it into, what I hope are somewhat witty and/or insightful observations. There are two sides to my Universal Truths, the warm, fuzzy, empathetic side and the Dark Side. One side is the heart of leadership, while the Dark Side is the guts of leadership. Guess which side I love the most … Hint, iron fist in a velvet glove. More of these to come over then next few weeks.


I took a moment to indulge in a bit of self reflection and wrote about how I exercise my happiness muscle and practice finding joy in little things. It’s a simple technique, detailed here, and one worth considering if you want to build up the joy in your life in an organic and repeatable manner.

June saw me publish my first Le Plus Three guide. It’s a pre travel guide to Japan. One of my first loves is travel. I miss planning for travel, thinking about travel and travel itself. So writting this guide was like therapy. I sent the guide to subscribers and it goes to all new subscribers on sign up. So if you would like a copy, please subscribe. I have quite a few Japan travel stories up now, including a new one on Hiroshima. We loved Hiroshima, the history, the Mazda factory, the cranes and more.

I also wrote up a trip to one of my favourite Brisbane places, the Gallery of Modern Art. When you are travelling to Brisbane GOMA is a must see destination. It’s a gorgeous part of the South Bank precinct, right on the Brisbane river. And it’s about to re-open despite COVID19. Big CHEER!

Wishing you a wonderful July. Stay safe, engaged and healthy. I look forward to seeing you online here, on Facebook, Insta or even LinkedIn. And not to forget Pinterest!! Love me a good pin!

Big squeeze, Le xox

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