Review | Pete Evans Healthy Everyday Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce

One of the items I bought from the Low Carb Emporium was this butter chicken sauce from Pete Evans Healthy Everyday range. Yes, Pete is that celebrity chef from My Kitchen Rules, but we know him from watching his Paleo Way shows.

Lovely Pete with something green that is not butter sauce – source

Most recently Pete is infamous, in Australia, for promoting a light emitting BioCharger machine that may, or may not, have many healing properties, but in an odd move he mentioned COVID19 by name.

This happened when we were still very much thinking we might die from COVID19, and super sadly hundreds of thousands of people have died from COVID19. So the authorities decided to fine Pete, because Pete is not a doctor, but a chef. Seriously, I doubt a fine will help. Lovely Pete will still be an opinionated chef, with alternate health thinking and a will to share his ideas. I wonder how afraid/annoyed big pharm really is to get a $25,000 fine slapped on poor ole Paleo Pete. Just for having an opinion. Two weeks later tall poppy Aussie model turned business woman, Elle Macpherson said almost the same thing and no one fined her $25k. Anyway, back to the taste of his sauce. Which, by the way was delicious!

  • Prep 10 easy minutes
  • Cook 20 simple minutes
  • One pot cooking
  • Skill – easy as
  • Add ins = your veg + water
  • Keto + low carb
  • Kid friendly
  • GF + DF
  • Modify Vegan
  • Mild flavour

I had some left over roast chicken that I decided to use. Then I nooddle-ed up a large zucchini with the magic Kmart spiral machine (see here – $12 and worth every cent as now I love zucchinis again) and dumped in some green beans. Threw in the cooked chicken and added the whole jar of sauce, plus the half jar of water as instructed. Banged on a lid, and left to simmer gently for ten minutes. Came back, turned it right down for another ten and BOOM dinner was done.

So yum, yum yum. We are not a spicy food family, so I had the sour cream ready to add just in case, but no need. It was tasty, and yummy, but did not overwhelm. And convenient, did I mention it was easy as. I love easy as, and this is a perfect ‘use up the chook’ meal. Pete says add cauliflower rice to the side and coriander to the top. But we had no coriander and who wants to dirty up another pan to make the cauliflower rice, not this little lazy duck, so NO to that too.

Things I loved about this simmer sauce, besides the easy preparation, included an ingredients list I can understand, no sugar added, non GMO and as per the label, made with love right there in hippy-dippy-vale, Murwillumbah, NSW. Awwww, love you to Chef Pete. Plus, a cute glass jar with a black lid to now store my pinenuts. Win win.

Next time I might add a little less water, so as to have a thicker consistency. But apart from that, I have zero improvements to make. We will definitely be back for more, big squeeze, Le.

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