Farewell to Fat | Intermittent Fast | Three Reasons to LOVE IF!

During my four weeks Home Fitness Challenge (HFT) I focused on intermittent fasting (IF) and keto eating. Now, two weeks after my HFT has finished I am kicking on with IF. There are three reasons I will continue, which I explain in the video below. See if you think this might make IF a thing for you to try, if like me you have some kgs to lose and need a new approach.

When you start to think, hmmmm and want more of the details, especially about the other benefits of IF go see the master himself, Thomas DeLauer for his complete guide to IF.

Two days ago I started trialling a different fitness program. I first found Rebecca Louise on Pop Sugar, which you can read about here in a review. Rebecca is the cutest little, and by little I mean my height (five foot 2 and a bit), British babe with attitude. I signed up via her blog and got her 30 day fitness plan for free. Have done days one and two so will keep you posted. Enjoying the program and her crazy British energy very much. Her 30 day, easy to follow videos are on YouTube, so super convenient and did I say FREE! I love free.

I normally don’t go the ‘younger trainer’ vibe, but this one has me with her mixed workouts, her targeted toning and her smiley, loud self. Plus everything she does is able to be modified to my ability, or more accurately, inability. Plus at 31, she ain’t that young really. Yes, I could be her mum.

Rebecca’s so cute, positive and upbeat I want to adopt her or marry her to my eldest son …

Her mission is to …

help you feel like the best version of yourself every single day by bringing you exciting workouts and tasty recipes, as well as giving you the motivation to do it. Like a lot of people, it has taken me awhile to be comfortable in my own skin. …

Anyway, I will keep you posted on progress at around the day 14 mark, and I might do a few #feeltheburnrebecca updates on Ista. Big squeeze, Le xox

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