gold crown with a cumulus clouds in the background

Family | June 2012 Prince for the Day

I was looking thru some old photos today and found such a treasure that I have to share. I am so grateful to have photos, as my memories are random and I just don’t recall the detail of a day until I have a visual prompt. Then, BAM, it all comes flooding back.

It seems like a lifetime ago that our darling boy was at primary school. So aged around seven, we were living in Brisbane and he got to go to the school down the road. Been to that school a couple of times actually. It was our home base primary school anytime we lived in Brisbane.

This particular day he had to go to school dressed as royalty. Not sure why, could there have been a royal wedding happening around then or maybe a new baby, or even the Queen’s birthday, we use to do that in June. But whatever the reason, the instruction came home to ‘dress like royalty’. So we did, with the help of Nanny. Lucky for us Nana had kept all the old dance costumes she made for us kids some 40 years ago and so the grand-kids got to wear them.

Nanny with the young prince Darling Boy

That pink shirt and white tights were 35 years old … made by my mum, now a nana, for my brother to be a prince in a ballet performance. So is the crown, made by da (granddad), out of an ice cream container, when they use to be round. Decorated with gold paint, buttons and purple glitter.

Look at those white gloves, how very proper

It was a sweet morning in the Brisbane winter chill, watching all the wee ones dash about, learn to courtesy and carry a tea tray. There were even horses made of brooms to gallop about on.

Meeting the Queen
Doing my best Princess Anne impersonation

Those younger years rush by in a mad dash to the teens. I miss them. Things were simpler back then and I was nearly always able to make a boy feel like a prince. Do you have fond memories of the pre teen years? Do share, cheers Le xox

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