Team | 2 x thank yous + 1 request

Well I have a couple of thank yous and a request. Thank yous first. Thanks to you. Yes, my lovely reader, you. It is exceptionally great to have you along for the ride. I don’t know yet if we are a team, a crew, a squad or a community, it will come to me, and I’d like your suggestions, but I do know we are growing. So welcome to the newies and a continuing big warm hug to those who have been here a while.

I heart you for being here – photo by Hernan Pauccara on

I could have called us a ‘girl squad’ or something female, but low and behold, against the odds, we have a dude amongst us! And I’m not talking my husband, who by the way does not read my stuff, unless I read it out loud to him, which I never do. No, we have an enlightened man who loves women, so I think we can let him stay. I definitely write for women, for myself and for my kids (you know, for the future when I’m dead and gone, so they can show their kids what a treat I was), but I do think, without any real doubt, that I could teach most men a thing or two. Hee, hee, did I just say that out loud ….

Anyway, now the request. I am asking my new signups what they like to read online. Yes, market research, so then I can tailor my writing to meet your wants. Not surprisingly, a lot of us want to read about travel, work and food. Tick the boxes, I will provide. Now interestingly, there is real volume of requests for book reviews. Hmmm, now I will fall down here, as I mainly read for work and read online. I don’t get a lot of non fiction, novel reading time in. But, lucky for me I know some of you do. Brainy, well read bunch we are.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

So here is the request, write me a book review. Yep, simple. What was the last thing you read that is worth recommending (preferably for good reasons, but I will also be keen to see the yuk, it was a horrid waste of time, don’t go there reviews too). Write about 200+ words and send me the text with one or two pics in an email. Like this one I did for The Maid’s Room, but in your own voice and style of course. Then, BANG, I will publish you here. You can use your real name or part thereof, be incognito, or make up a pen name and call yourself Miss Sparkle Pants, or Poison Pen Ivy, if you are somewhat darker than the average reviewer.

So come on … who wants a nano second of shared fame in the blogosphere? You know you do! And if books don’t rock your world (aww come on, of course they do) then how about a film review, or a series review like I did for Hunter, or even a review on your favourite online space that is not Le Plus Three? You know you want to …. It’s fun to share and that easy, and I sure would appreciate it. Aiming to publish one a week so get on it 🙂

Big squeeze, Le xox

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