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So something a bit different today. While wanting to loose weight I looked at more than fitness and food. 20kgs won’t just go away without a bit of work on self, and I found the knowledge I needed from Dr Libby Weaver. Early in 2019 I signed up to do her 9 week, 63 day online course, Weight Loss for Women. It cost me $4.77 a day, gave me a daily, easy to understand video and support material. It gave me so much. It was AMAZING!! More on that another time, but if you can’t wait, go here.

One of the many takeaways I still have with me from the Dr Libby course is about joy and happiness. I am a naturally upbeat, positive, glass half full person. But even so I have learnt more about exercising my happiness muscle. That’s how I now think about joy and happiness. I imagine them as a muscle group, like your arm muscles say. So I exercise them, like I exercise my arms. I make conscious choices about my happiness and finding joy. I totally believe the happiest days are of our own making. More over, I would never give away the power to ‘make me happy‘ to anyone else. I am captain of my own SS Happiness and Joy, and she’s a beauty.

Now one of the best bits of basic concepts to live by came from Dr Libby. In my own words it was about finding joy in the everyday. Of equal gravitas, for me, is finding the everyday joy in something that does not depend on other people, lots of money or choices that do not serve me well. My take is along the lines of depending on myself to find the joy in innate objects, experiences and such, rather than say, for example, waiting for my kids to provide me with joy. Now don’t get me wrong, my kids do add joy to my life for sure, but they also add stress, strain, guilt and drama. Where as, the sunrise brings me joy. BOOM … just joy, no demands, no baggage, no ‘but mum’s’, just joy. Get it?

So yes, I had to practice finding joy for a few weeks. I had to switch my attention on and notice my world and find the unencumbered joy. I looked for joy in places that would bring me happiness without unwanted side effects. So I didn’t coach myself to find joy in chocolate sour cream cake. I still love chocolate sour cream cake, but I found the joy in pomegranate seeds. I swapped out my white wine for lime and soda. I love watching the lime in the soda and it’s all the wee bubbles combined with the lime colour that bring me joy. On my morning walks I used my powers of observation and my iPhone to capture blossoms up close and personal. My joy meter went thru the roof.

I have now gone one step further and created 20 little visuals that capture what I find joy in. I am sharing these with you in the hope that they might spark joy with you. Or better yet, might send you on your own quest for joy. So the first nine are here for you today. I will share the balance at another time. When I feel joy it’s a little spurt of unadulterated happiness. There is no guilt in watching the sea, there is no regret in enjoying the daisies in the lawn, there is no cost to watching the sun set over a field. I don’t have to practice much any more, I gravitate towards the things that bring me joy. I wish this for you. It’s a game changer. With love, Le xox

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