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Home Fitness Challenge | Week 4 Day 1

Well it’s the beginning of week four of my Home Fitness Challenge. If you missed the start it’s here and there are mid week updates too.

Each week I weigh in on Monday and then share my results. I still think my scales are dodgy as, but it’s not so much about the number, but the general downward trend. So in three weeks I have lost 2.5kgs, think I said 2.1kgs in the video, but I just checked my numbers and it’s definitely 2.5kgs in three weeks. So while the scales said I have put on 200 grams this week I am thinking that is muscle 🙂 or a glitch in the scales matrix as my measurements and physical inspection says ‘fat is going’.

So back at week one I detailed the basic plan, so lets see what I stuck with and what didn’t stick.


On track with no gluten, no caffeine and no alcohol. On track with reducing carbs. One carb whoopsie in week two – a blob of ice-cream in my ice coffee, and one in week three, being rice in sushi. But pretty darn good. Not so great on my 2-3 litres of water per day. Would be doing 1-1.5 litres for sure, but will try and up that to deal with keto breath (see week three, day five for details on that). I have stuck to only purple and red fruits and small quantities, like three strawberry with cream. Not so hard. Yes to more protein. Yes to not eating for 16 hours, from say 7pm to 11am. Easy peasy. Sticking with my bone broth to break the fast.


Yes to walking every morning for 21 days, less two days in week three. Yes to including hills. Yes to doing my online Pop Sugar Fitness video each day – 20 to 45 minutes -YES 100%.

Mind Part

Yes to doing some deep breathing, but not every morning and night. Only about a 50% hit rate there. Got up at 6am today to do my morning moves, including breathing but got distracted by the sunrise. Opps. Yes to watching Thomas DeLauer on YouTube and learning some stuff, I really rate him as a source of easy to understand info. I am failing on early nights.

So what else happened … well only last night my leg cramps came back. And my stomach is once again a symphony of noises and gurgles and weirdness which I find so entertaining. I was a bit tired this week so I consulted with my in house adviser, the mister (if you know Col, you would know he is super fit, super engaged with what he eats and why, plus likes to add value to my efforts), and we decided I was not eating enough. So for now three days in a row I have fixed that.

I am feeling very positive about week four. I am seriously considering doing another four weeks to consolidate my efforts. Will let you know what I decide.

If you have any questions or want more details ask me in the comments or via email. Big squeeze, Le xox

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