Rewind | May 2020

Hard to believe May 2020 is done with. All at once it was the slowest month ever while being the fastest month ever. I blame homeschooling, it befuddled my brain and made me slightly mad crazy. But in amongst the screamingly heavy workload of philosophy, maths, English, art, media and business (and that’s just year 10), I did manage a few other things.

Like nearly everyone I know our life was ruled by the ‘stay home, stay safe message’. We downloaded the COVID19 app, only to find it won’t really work unless you leave it open. Opps, fail. I taught my mum how to do online shopping and now she is self sufficient with grocery shopping. Good effort learning new technology when you are in your 70s. My mum is a star!


At a time when we are missing seeing each other in person I wrote about becoming visible in the workplace. So many amazingly talented women do not get ‘seen’ so I hope my tips and ideas might give you some tools to re-emerge into the workplace post COVID19. I also wrote about working from home, not a fan, and the ten things you miss out on when not working with the team in the same physical space. Not a popular opinion, but hey, that’s ok.


For a month where we went nowhere and saw virtually no one, it still felt pretty full. My most interesting part was starting my very own designed home fitness challenge. I have been giving weekly and mid week updates on my intermittent fasting + keto/low carb eating challenge, so if you missed any here they are. Right now I am deciding whether to ‘keep at it’ for another two weeks so the keto part can really take.


I took a moment to indulge and share one of my favourite New Zealand places, Port Chalmers. This tiny village, with it’s grungy working port and heritage buildings is mine to love and yours to enjoy. Until we can travel again, you can visit a virtual Port Chalmers right here. I also took a walk down memory lane to living in the Mackenzie in 1999. Ah, child free, home schooling free, COVID free days …

I’ve also been doing an iPhone photography course that has given me access to some cool apps. So I got side tracked from photos and started working on some cute and sometimes insightful quotes for my insta page.

And amongst all that we stayed healthy, warm and semi relaxed as a family. School and my youngest have a hostile relationship on bad days, and a begrudging tolerant one on the not so bad days. There are more bad days than good, so we are never quite relaxed on school days. But, we go on and overcome.

My personal fav part of May was pushing ‘send’ on Issue One of Intersection. My love note from me to you, you being my subscribers to Le Plus Three. If you would like to receive future issues please subscribe via the HOME page (on the right a bit down there is a fill in form), or drop me an email with your preferred email and I will add you to the list.

This is issue one – my baby is born and she’s a sweet delight!

Anyhoo, best run off as the washing won’t wash itself. Side note … during stay home time I taught both boys to use the washing machine and how to hang clothes out, so now I only do mine and the mister’s gear. Boys are self sufficient in one more life skill #winningatmothering and Saturdays now consist of the boys lawn mowing, washing clothes and vacuuming. I do this primarily so I don’t raise useless, domestically challenged young men. Thank me later you mothers of daughters.

Big squeeze, Le xox

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