Home Fitness Challenge | Low Carb Shopping Show and Tell

Last week I was looking online to find Melinda’s Seed Crackers (my review here – delish!) when I stumbled upon the Low Carb Emporium. Well, not only did they have Melinda’s range, they also had a plethora (just love that word) of low carb staples and goodies. So in support of my Home Fitness Challenge (HFC) I bought a wee selection of items. If you missed my HFC the start it’s here and there are mid week updates too. It’s week three and I have lost over 2kg, ya me.

I have channelled my inner millennial YouTuber and done what they call a ‘reveal’ or a ‘haul’ video. Enjoy! Come back over the next few weeks and I will be reviewing these seven products.

Have a great week, Le xox

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Sharing some dishes from my Sunday Breakfast efforts – both super easy and quick – both have cheat ingredients cos you know … why not! Ask if you want details – happy to share 🙂

Cafe at home acai bowls
High protein pancakes with warm berries, toasted coconut and creme fraiche

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