Home Fitness Challenge | Week 3 Day 1

Well it’s the beginning of week three of my Home Fitness Challenge. If you missed the start it’s here and there are mid week updates too.

Each week I weigh in on Monday and then share my results. I think my scales are dodgy as, but it’s not so much about the number, but the general downward trend. So all good with another drop, around 0.8kg. So that makes around 2.7kg drop in two weeks. By far my best result ever. I usually average around half a kg a week.

Quick video hello!

So back at week one I detailed the basic plan So lets see what I stuck with and what didn’t stick. Here’s the week one and two report card against the original plan.

The Food Plan

Reduce carbs – the obvious ones

Stop eating gluten

2-3 litres of water

No alcohol

No caffeine

More Protein

Purple/red fruits

Fast for 16 hours

Week One

Yes 99% even gave up my cheeseymite bun

Yes 100%






Yes – plus two days 17 hours

Week Two

YES, minus a small blob of ice cream

Yes 100%






Yes – plus one day 20 hours

Moving Part

  • Walk for 20 – 30 minutes everyday – YES 100% on the walk part 60% on the hills part
  • Do an online Pop Sugar Fitness video each day – 20 to 45 minutes -YES 100%

Mind Part

  • Breath deeply on purpose – when you first get up – like on your walk and then again as you lie in bed – 8 focused breaths morning and night – 50% on this as I forget to do the breathing on some days – opps
  • Watch Thomas DeLauer on YouTube and learn some stuff – YES 100% – got some new tips so excellent
  • Get early nights – 80% as had a couple of late ones in there
  • Try not to let home schooling send me into grumpy world – Not possible FAIL
  • I don’t set end goals as I find that a bit taxing, I just stick to the plan and see what emerges at the end – 100% still on track – no goals set here, goal free zone

So what else happened … I have been keeping the bone broth as my fast breaker. Now adding cinnamon and turmeric to it in small amounts. I’m into it. It’s very comforting and relaxing.

My negatives … Well the leg cramps have gone, ya. My stomach is a symphony of noises and gurgles and weirdness which I find so entertaining. I was a bit worn mid week, hence probably why I caved on the ice coffee. Plus I am exercising before breaking the fast and I seem a bit weaker in my arms. The rationale for exercising on the empty stomach is to burn fat. So I’m sticking with it and will just do what I can.

After doing the 20 hour fast over Friday night and Saturday my face was de-bloated to the max. If that’s a word … I was almost a rectangle, it was so angular for someone use to seeing a round face. Oh, plus an odd thing. My dialysis scars on my tummy have become visible again. They are like little dimples. It was funny to see them re-emerge. Now I am waiting to see my C section scars, but I think we are a while off for that. My fat roll still covers them completely. Too much detail …. look away!

I have continued to send the Mr to the grocery shop as I felt I might be tempted to buy something doughy. So temptation avoided. I have enjoyed two more of the sugar free Swiss dark chocolate, as the chemist put them on sale so I bought up big! Only a 30g bar and such a delight.

I am thrilled that week two gave decent results. If you have any questions or want more details ask me in the comments or via email. Big squeeze, Le xox

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