Home Fitness Challenge | Week 2 Day 1

Hi there, well just checking in at the start of week two of my four week home fitness challenge. If you missed the start it’s here and a quick mid week video update is here.

To not dwell or hold you in suspense, I have had success. Success on the scales, being a 1.9kg loss. WOOP WOOP WOOP cue celebration song as I do a little happy dance! I mean I am hap hap happy. At five foot two, or 156cm there is not a lot space on this frame for extra kgs. My whole back story I am saving for another day, but to put you in the picture I have spent a lot of my adult years in the 64kgs to 68kgs space, until the last three years. In the last three years I went like this : 68kgs -> 73kgs -> 78kgs -> 80kgs ->83kgs, without growing a single centimetre upwards! Oh cruel world!

Then, in March 2019 I had myself a serious talking to. Got myself a bit better educated about the body as a whole, joined a gym and interrupted my eating patterns by changing a few things. This was the start. Loosing the big weight of 15kgs over 12 months was a great beginning and middle. Now I feel like I’m on the fine tuning end. Thus, with COVID 19 raging around the world, my gym is shut and my home fitness challenge was born. That brings us to now, the start of week two.

Week Two Hello from Me

So back at week one I detailed the basic plan So lets see what I stuck with and what didn’t stick. Here’s the week one report card against the original plan.

Food Part

  • Reduce carbs – YES 99% – cut out my twice weekly cheesymite bun and stayed away from bread and cake and anything carb-full
  • Stop eating anything that is not gluten free – YES 100% achieved
  • Drink lots of water each day – 2 to 3 litres – 50% only doing my 1.5 litre water –
  • No alcohol – YES 100%
  • No caffeine – I’m already decaf and herbal tea girl – YES 100%
  • Eat protein and fat and green veg and purple/red fruits – YES 100%
  • Have 16 hours where I eat nothing – YES 100% – even went to 12 noon on two days – the weekend days … what a little over achiever I am!
  • Eat during the remaining 8 hours – YES 200% got this one nailed

Moving Part

  • Walk for 20 – 30 minutes everyday – preferably up a hill and back down – YES 100% on the walk part 70% on the hills part
  • Do an online Pop Sugar Fitness video each day – 20 to 45 minutes – YES 100%

Mind Part

  • Breath deeply on purpose – when you first get up – like on your walk and then again as you lie in bed – 8 focused breaths morning and night – 50% on this as I forget to do the breathing on some days – opps
  • Watch Thomas DeLauer on YouTube and learn some stuff – YES 100% even making the fam bam watch with me to groans of despair
  • Get early nights – Nearly 70% as had a couple of late ones in there
  • Try not to let home schooling send me into grumpy world – Not possible FAIL
  • I don’t set end goals as I find that a bit taxing, I just stick to the plan and see what emerges at the end – 100% still on track – no goals set here, goal free zone

So what else happened … Well I watched a Thomas video that suggested that one of the best ways to break a fast was with bone broth. So I did that a few times. Just add a spoon of the concentrate to hot water and voila bone broth in a cup. He also said to have shell fish so I did smoked oysters on a couple of days. He also suggested avoiding dairy so I did that too.

I had a couple of negatives emerge. Two nights in a row I was woken with cramps in my calf and twice I had exploding number twos. But, that was it for the negatives.

A typical day looks like this …

  • wake up – drink water
  • 30 minute walk up a hill – drink water
  • 30 minutes with a Pop Sugar video workout – drink water
  • 9am drink decaf coffee till 11am – probably three small cups – but DECAF kids
  • 11am drink bone broth / eat 4 snack size salted seaweed sheets / eat 4 smoked oysters
  • 12 noon eat an omelette with salad
  • 3pm eat an energy ball / protein bar / protein shake
  • 5pm eat 10 cashew nuts and 3 very thin and small slices of cheese – seeing I’m not eating much I bought the expensive vintage kind – oohh la la
  • 6pm zinc and magnesium drink / lime and soda
  • 6.30pm family dinner – like savoury mince / chicken with veg / salmon and salad
  • 9.30pm go to bed

So there you have it. Simple. I did send the Mr to the grocery shop twice as I felt I might be tempted to buy a chocolate or something doughy. So temptation avoided. I did find some sugar free swiss dark chocolate in the health food part of the chemist so I bought a 30g bar and ate that. Plus I made some low carb / keto friendly seed crackers from Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies range (review to follow) and I ate three of them with cheese. Yummo. Plus I just ate a strawberry while writing this.

I am pretty chuffed with the whole thing and will be keen to see my end of week two results. If you have any questions or want more details ask me in the comments. Big squeeze, Le xox


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