Review | Hunters

Hello there. Review time and today it’s Hunters. This is an Amazon Original series and I used the free 30 day trial to watch it. It was AMAZING! I loved loved loved the 70s vibe, loved the New York City grime, loved the ultra violent vendetta nature of things and of course gun totting nuns are high on my ‘what’s not to love list’. Do yourself a favour and watch this crazy ride. It was a great distraction from COVID19. I think it served me well and improved my joy on the days I watched it. Think Pulp Fiction, but set in the 70s with an international flavour.

At a glance ..

  • Adults Only
  • Quality Acting
  • One series
  • Story line concludes
  • 10 Episodes
  • Usually 60mins each

Not for you if you are …

  • squeamish around graphic violence (had to tap the Mr when the bloody bit had passed)
  • a stickler for historic accuracy
  • live for rom coms
  • turn pink or become offended at foul language
  • definitely not ok for kids to watch – you be the judge, but I say no to under 18s – we watched it at night with headphones on

Inspired by true events, Hunters follows a eclectic band of Nazi Hunters in 1977 New York City, who discover that hundreds of god awful Nazis are living in America. Not just any Nazis, but those associated with the Holocaust and other super bad extinction event type decisions. OMG. So they do what any vigilante squad would do. They load up the guns and knives and go out and get some well targeted revenge. I love that the goodies are also badies. I especially love that the goodies are a mixed bunch of ages, races and professional backgrounds. Interwoven, but not in an overly complicated way, are Holocaust stories from their younger days. It’s a little slow to get going, and there is one middle patch that dragged a fraction, but in all it’s darn good original entertainment.

PSA: some scenes made me laugh, others made me cry and I learnt stuff about Jewish culture and the Holocaust that I did not know and maybe I didn’t really want to know as I am a softie who holds a grudge.

It’s the BOMB!!

Not a Prime Video subscriber … Well you are in luck. You would want a free 30 day trial of Prime Video to watch this excellent series. Click here* and go sign yourself up. No strings, 30 days for nix. Opt out or fall in love with something completely different like Parks and Recreation. Review for that local government classic coming soon.

Have a great day and go hunt some Nazis, cheers Le

*Disclosure- Affiliate Link

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