Recipe | Bliss Bomb Energy Balls | GF

Need a little something to get you from 3pm to dinner time …. Or a 10am ish pick me up till lunch. Then make these. I swear they are 100% yummier than the store bought variety. Basically because they are fresh and made by you, or your little ones.

  • Prep 15 easy minutes
  • No cooking
  • 1 hour to set
  • Kid friendly
  • Skill – before easy
  • Ingredients – staples
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten Free
  • Fuss Free

These are before easy in the making stakes. Watch the video below and get on it. I don’t have a food processor, so I just use my smoothie bullet blender type device for the dates and nuts.

There are 101 variations too. Like peanut butter, add a tablespoon. Prefer cashews to walnuts, change them out. Want added protein, plop in a scoop of your fav vanilla protein powder as no cooking means the goodness won’t be destroyed. I added some fresh fig to the last batch – yummo. Not a fan of sesame seeds, try toasted coconut or leave nude. Just do yourself a favour and get on them.

If you want further instructions or need to ask a question leave me a note in the comments. Once made store in the fridge and consume within five days. Freeze if you like, especially for summer so the balls will last better in the heat when you put them in the lunchbox. Come back and tell me what variations you made and your favourite.

Enjoy! Le


    • Hello my lovely. To be honest I don’t know. As a GF Keto Paleo girl I don’t count calories… but they would have heaps of kilojoules! But not if you only eat one! They are really rich in flavour so one does me with a coffee. Big squeeze Le xox


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