Retail Therapy | Missing Merchant 1948

So one of the things I miss about living in Dunedin, and there are many, is my easy access to Merchant 1948. If you are not a fan then go here for a wander and be a fan. When we lived in Dunedin I would pop down to the Meridan Mall and play in Merchant 1948 during my lunch break. Ahhh, those were the easy going, pre COVID19 days of long ago.

Hello Merchant 1948 Dunedin … I miss you

There is so much to love. My favourite love affair is with the flats and low heels from the Isabella Anselmi range. I have several pairs from this range and they do me beautifully for work and play. Sling backs are my fav. I have the same style in a black leather with pony hair front and a multi dove grey, white and pale pink. Plus loafers in silver and rose gold. All still in NZ of course, because you know our container got caught in the COVID19 sh*t, opps shut down.

Aberdeen Loafer of Yumminess

So I was strolling thru Merchant 1948 today when I saw these and my heart said buy the red shoes Le, buy the red shoes. Click your heels three times and Aberdeen the red loafer will take you home to bonnie Scotland wee lassie. But I said to self, self be sensible, it is boot weather almost, nearly, now time for boots.

Gary … how I love thee …

So then I found this pale pink blossom …. She’s called Gary … but I see it as more a Gorgeous Petunia than a Gary. Think I should be the new Merchant 1948 shoe naming girl. Maybe she’s a Polly or better yet a Peta or Ursula. But Gary, no. She also comes in a bone (off white ish) croc print which is a delight and a standard black croc too. Love that stacked heel more than I can say.

And guess what … at the moment there is $50 off all ankle boots. Yes, off all boots actually. So not just Gary, but the whole slew of long lovely boots too. New Zealand buddies need long boots. Us Queensland girls might just have to stick with the ankle boot variety hey, given it’s a healthy 24 degrees here at 4.00pm today. After all it’s only autumn.

Anyway just sharing the boot love as I recover from home schooling hell. Maybe Gary and the crew would help you find some joy in whichever stage of lock down or stay at home level you are at with COVID19. Have a lovely mothers day all you mamas and a lovely Sunday all you lucky non mamas who did not have to home school the fur baby this week.

Loving these too … plus the couch is so me

Quick Update : All Year 12s and 11s in Queensland go back Monday! And I have the year 10 at school each Thursday for extra maths coaching because, you know, I’m one of THOSE parents who ask the hard questions … like “can my son have his usual maths help please via Zoom” and the school says “Why yes Le (insert annoying mother word), but not Zoom, send him in on Thursday to our especially safe, socially distanced classroom.” Why, “thank-you” I say. And I did.

Big squeeze, Le xox

PS $50 off boots ends 9am on Thursday May 19 so GET ON IT! And lucky for us Merchant has full mail order and easy returns, so no excuses.

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