Review | Pop Sugar Fitness

Quick Summary

  • Free – no $
  • All skill levels
  • Informative +++
  • 10 – 45 minutes
  • Anytime convenience
  • All fitness levels
  • Some workouts use gear
  • On YouTube
  • All styles
  • Fun +++

So in this COVID19 world my lovely gym had to close. Sob! My gym did offer an online version that was free for a while and then came with a cost. I get it and I support their decision to charge. But given my year of not earning and also learning with them, I felt I could go it alone.

Better home safe than out catching COVID19 bugs and drama. Then I found POP SUGAR FITNESS and now I am in love. A whole swag of FREE online tutorials, workouts, and exercises. Did I say free … I am amazed they are free. The variety is second to none. So far I have done cardio, barre, dance, tabata, sculpt, tone and more! All free on YouTube.

My routine is morning walk, followed by 20 – 30 minutes pop sugar then I can face the first world nightmare of home schooling. Not a fan, of home schooling that is. We home schooled with School of the Air and that was different. This rush job of home schooling teens is a rocky road of yuk. But that’s where Pop Sugar comes in. The lovely, joy filled Anna gives me the lift I need to face off against the teens.

Here is Anna Renderer, host and all round good woman! I have a girl crush on her, such is the positive upbeat delivery she brings. She says I can be my best self and BAM, I believe! Her other fav is ‘bring the joy’. This applies to anything, bar home schooling. No joy.

I have a second fav too, so many to choose from, but Deja Riley has got me dancing like a 20 something, booty and all. She is a delight!

But, enough fan girl for now, back to the work outs. Anything from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. A zillion to choose from. Low intensity right thru to HIT. Want to work a specific area, yes workouts for arms, butts, core, legs and more. Need a cutie pie instructor to make you shake your tuss, yes done. Look out for Jake in his hot pink shorts. Then how about revisiting the ballet years with Simone the ballet dancer. Even think she is Australian. Plus there is yoga for my earth mothers. Most work outs are equipment free or maybe just need a mat or towel. You can choose.

I say go for it. What have you got to lose, besides some sweat … Everything to gain. Give it a shot and, as Anna says, bring the JOY! Cheers Le

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