Review | Melinda’s Gingerbread Loaf

Some days you just don’t want to start from scratch. On those days you need Melinda and her gluten free goodies in a box. I love Melinda and want to share the love with you. Whether you run a gluten free family like we do, or want a gluten free sweetie to take to a coeliac friend or you just think gluten free is the way to go, Melinda has your back. And your cake, brownie and assorted baked goodies.

  • Prep 10 easy minutes
  • Cook 40 simple minutes
  • Makes one bar cake
  • Skill – easy as
  • Ingredients – staples
  • Can freeze
  • Kid Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Variation: dairy free, vegan

Verdict – a delightful, delicious and damn good ginger loaf that you could easily sell at the school fete as homemade … you think no one does that … us working mums do that ALL OF THE TIME – shhhhh …

As far as loaves go this one is a STAR! The fact that it came out of a box is a blinking miracle. I have made it about six times now and every single time it preforms like a QUEEN. Those who eat it think it is home made from scratch because it tastes so darn good. Gingery, but not overwhelming, loaf texture but not dry, great colour and not overly sweet. Today it was a birthday cake for my mum so we dressed her up in lemon cream cheese icing. It was a match made in cake heaven.

Happy 77th Birthday to my beautiful Mum!

I buy my boxes from Market Organics at Newmarket. The Melinda gluten free goodies range is also in their online shop too. The name behind the Melinda’s range is a real Melinda, Melinda Trembath. Melinda is a qualified nutritionist and it was through her own battle as a coeliac that she created gluten-free products. So out of necessity a business was born. Products are made right here in Australia so you are assured of the quality and workplace practices.

Follow the instructions on the box as they are super accurate. Eat as is, lather on the butter or go that extra step with cream cheese icing. However you end up eating this beauty, one thing is for sure, you are going to LOVE it! Happy days, Le


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