Those were the days …

June 2014 … R to L …boys and the mr in sand castle heaven, view from sheep hill, french toast, my aggies

This is June 2014 and those were the days of endless beach, french toast and agapanthus. Kids were ten and 12, skies were blue and the cafe at Port Chalmers made THE BEST french toast. I am a french toast elite eater, it should be noted, so have lots to compare on the french toast front.

I will never regret the 2010 decision to buy our Aramoana house. I have memories to last me a life time from the nine years we owned that beautiful place. 147 steps from the beach and a millions miles from cares.

When we sold in 2019 the original owner’s daughter bought it. How cool is that. There is a back story there, but it’s not mine to tell so I won’t.

147 steps and I was here
147 steps from our door to here

Such an absolute pleasure to have called this place home for all of 2018 and our holiday home for the years before. Cheers Le

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