Living | Brave New World

How you going with your new COVID19 life …. It’s not like it was, that’s for sure. I simultaneously hate it and love it. Let’s be clear, I do not love the death and despair and drama. The human cost, the heartache and the upheaval.  Nope, not at all, I hate it.  I am challenged by the images of mass burials in New York, the tragedy of Italy and the daily unfolding of drama where ever the curve is found.

But in amongst all that I have found little pinpricks of joy, kindness, hope and relief. Hope for what, you might ask. Hope for a better tomorrow. Relief from what? The daily grind of work/school/ home rinse and repeat.

In our microcosmic of #staysafestayhome it’s constantly 3.30pm on a Sunday afternoon. That’s the sound of suburbia resting. There is a calm. I love that. The traffic is almost gone, the birds are ruling the neighbourhood. A pair of cheeky rainbow lorikeets have come to our deck asking for water two days in a row. That’s new. Crows rule the early morn and are becoming increasingly confident with a Stephen King The Stand like presence. You know, The Stand, post-apocalyptic story centred on a pandemic of a weaponized strain of the flu that kills almost the entire world population. Oh, yep.

Of course we miss things. But not as much as I might have thought. So, how are you going … what have you found to ease the burden of staying home to stay safe? Do tell. Big squeeze, Le.

PS Feature photo of all the lights by my talented son – find him

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