Living | Home schooling, like the dentist only no drugs

So this week we began the home schooling road trip. But we are grounded so it’s more like a sit in than a trip. A kid in the final year of senior school and one in the first year of senior school. The elder child is self managing as he is doing something involving writing code. The only code I know is code brown, from managing swimming pools.

The 15 year old, high on anxiety, needs moral support. So I sit beside him and google answers to questions we both don’t understand. But out of the gloom today came this gem.

Year 10 English… write a poem about love, tv, sport or hand washing. The result :

Wash your hands you dirty pig

Before you even eat a fig

Or you will have to say goodbye

Because you will surely die

From thy virus so deadly

I bring to you this shocking medley

Heed my advice

Otherwise your efforts won’t suffice

And you will be rolling the dice

With your very own life

Last week we were studying Romeo and Juliet – the original version. So I love how the ‘thy’ has slipped into this poem in a Shakespearean nod. Too funny, too cute. How’s your home schooling journey coming along? Adapting and thriving, or like us, just surviving. Leave me a comment and tell me your honest, warts and all experience. There is safety in numbers my lovelies.


  1. The home schooling is a rollercoaster! I have year 3 (miss 8) and kindergarten (miss 5). I’ve lost patience countless times and I get frustrated they don’t understand I still have to work from home and school and sometimes I need some quiet. Then I remind myself they are just babies in extraordinary times and that our whole routine has changed in a moment and we are all trying to adapt. Amongst all the angst and frustration we have had some truly wonderful moments and I think we are not perfect but we are doing ok. I told myself off last night …. I had to step back and say …. we are healthy, we have our jobs, we are able to provide a safe place for us and the girls… we will have terrible moments and we will have awesome ones …. in the circumstances I think (or rather hope) we are doing alright . I love reading your posts Le and thank you for sharing your journey . X


    • Hi Billy
      Must be so challenging juggling the little ones. I remember when we did School of the Air in Burke and how hard it was for the Mr to do prep and Year 2 … nightmare and no additional worries about a pandemic then!

      Thanks for reading – I love that we still connect – Le xox


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