The Weekly Lovefest

This week a colleague reached out and asked me …. “Any chance you might have a few golden insights into how to conduct effective and short (15 minutes) weekly team meetings?”

Ah yes, the weekly team meeting. I love the short duration weekly and I had some ideas to share with him so I thought I would repeat them here. Sometimes I have so much loved the weekly that, in times of trouble or rapid change, I have had the twice weekly for a period of time. Sometimes, I even bring French Macarons. You know, just because. If I bring two of one colour, it’s because I want one of those … just saying.

Not sure if they are golden, but here are my thoughts on short duration weeklies.

1) Always meet before 10am. Better yet, meet 30 minutes after every one gets in. Stops people getting into other stuff or coming already overwhelmed/grumpy or being low energy. Avoid after 2pm, the dead zone of the day. Try and keep the timing consistent.

2) Mix up the venues. Outside walking meeting are my fav … walk and huddle. Walk huddle repeat, especially in winter. Fresh air gets the brain cells humming. Or go to a different job site, and combined the meeting with a ten minute familiarisation of that job/project/work group.

3) Have a different themed conversation to focus on, whatever is topical at present or what you want the team to focus on. Avoid a standard agenda approach – yuk.

4) Every second meeting ask a team member to spend three minutes talking to the group about something that matters to them. This is empowering and engaging at the same time.

5) Finish with a positive. Like you know … praise, good numbers, customer feedback, something exciting.

6) When big issues arise park them up for a proper time, for proper attention. You know a separate meeting, unless they are immediately solvable.

7) When an issue raised doesn’t involve the whole team or has no relevance to the whole, deal with it at a one on one meeting.

A reminder that the weekly is about checking in with your team, communicating topical information and keeping everyone flying in formation. It is a touchstone in each working week and together with meaningful one on one meetings will go a long way to creating great team dynamics.

Now go on and get those macarons. You know you want to, cheers Le


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