Review |The Maid’s Room

img_1558Now that I am no longer working big hours I get to read for recreation. This is the first book I have read for ages. I nearly stopped one-third in as none of the characters had captured me, as none are that likable. I normally fall a little in love with at lease one character, but no, not this time. I felt sad and sorry for a few, annoyed by most and repulsed by at least one.

But the telling of the stories of ‘life in Singapore’ did capture me. The English author, Fiona Mitchell, lived in Singapore and it shows. The details of the heat, the flora, the bult environment and the tastes and smells could have only come from someone who had been there, done that.

I am glad I stuck the course as I learnt lots and did enjoy the way social media gave the maids a voice.  There is a lot of societal commentary in this book and most of it makes the rich(er) look like tossers and the serving employees look sad. There is also much on sacrifice, family dilemmas and relationships. It is a good read and I would recommend a borrow from your local library. I have passed it onto my 15 year old son to read, it should challenge his white privilege a fair bit. So it won’t be back in the Dunedin Library for another two weeks.

BTW I just love the cover, just goes to show how covers do sell, or in my case create the borrow. It’s a beautiful image, yet quite telling that we don’t see her face.

Summer reading list – Tick! Cheers Le

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