Haze, bad stress and eye issues


Hello there. Sharing something from my HAZE series of paintings. Desert Haze, not to be confused with Dessert Haze, which is more like a sugar rush thing.

When I began painting this year, initially to offset work related stress, I did quite a number of these. Limited colours, in this case only three colours, abstract, based on visual imagery from my own travel experiences. This one is the Australian desert, specifically outback Western Queensland. A heat haze, shimmering, blurring the surrounds.

It was around this time that I began experiencing issues with my eyes. Not my vision, but specifically glare. How odd. In hindsight, I find this super interesting, that right as I was painting the HAZE series, a series incorporating shimmering heat glare, my eye health was deteriorating and one of the first noticeable effects was a sensitivity to bright light.  I am fairly sure the sub conscience is an amazing space.

Anyhow, good news, my eyes are on the mend, I have zero bad stress to manage right now and I have a series of work that I really love.

Cheers Le

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