Travel | Solo travel with kids …yes please!

Why travel with kids? Well it’s not like you can leave them in the cupboard and say ‘power down’. Soon, the lads and I are off on an adventure to Japan. This year I decided to trade in Christmas gifts for a pre Christmas trip. Excellent idea on a number of fronts.

Being a working mum, I think holidays away with me, as the only parent, are cool. The Mr, a stay at home dad, gets a break too.

The Mr will stay home with the dog, his choice. This will be our third trip away where the Mr has had a stay-cation and we three have ventured off. Yes, the first two were domestic, this is our first international. So excited.

Being a working mum, I think holidays away with me, as the only parent are cool. As someone comfortable with decision making, I find it a good deal to travel alone with the kids. One decision-maker means I make the decisions, no friction. The Mr, being the stay at home dad,  has the kids day in, day out and I think he likes the solo, alone time too. Win-win.

So off we trot to Japan. Thus far we have watched numerous YouTube trip tip videos. How fab are they, all that experience and understanding in four minute bites. We have watched them together. The boys have researched where they want to go, giving me their top ten places.

To my surprise gardens were in their top five. Since they were little kids we have spent hours in parks, gardens and botanic places of note. Looks like it has rubbed off, as a thing we do. Too fab.

So what do kids learn from travel …… well from my experience they benefit in lots of ways … including …

  • learn that not everything goes to plan
  • learn how to adapt to unexpected events
  • gain from experiences not found at home
  • broadening of horizons, opening up of new cultures and walking thru history we have only ever read about
  • tolerance for waiting
  • life without on tap wifi
  • the real cost of life while traveling, the cost of the hotel verses the cost of the backpackers – we do both
  • understand how hard work and deferring daily spends allows us to holiday
  • what it is like to miss dad and the dog

My boys turn into little photo-journalists when on hols. It’s lovely to see. It amazes me as to what they want to capture and how they see the world. Then we relive it all back at home with the Mr. Nice one.

Anyways, will share some Japan experiences here once we return. Sayonara for now, Le.

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