Family | 2011 Bedazzle

This month, eight years ago, I was writing about this delightful child, looking like this.

2011 riley purple outfit
Our Darling Boy circa 2011

This week I have being doing algebra math with the same child, now a teen. I do not like year nine math one bit. Thank goodness I have first born to call on, a math whiz without even trying.

A huge shout out to Nanas and Grandads everywhere, who pick up the slack for working parents all over this blue green planet of ours. For most of the kid years we have not lived in the same city as our Nana and Da, so these times, when we lived 15 minutes away, were a real treat.

Cheers, Le.

Written in November 2011

So darling boy says to me one day …. “Mum I’d like purple pants with a shirt that matches that sparkles.”

Right I say, lets call Nana. One call later and the order is placed. One week later and we have the suit, complete with boater hat from my tap dancing days. How fab is that Nana of ours.

2011 riley purple outfit 3
Reminds me of Elton John

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