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2012 fiat spyder

Everything changes, yes, over time.  I’d like you to meet my Fiat Spider, Fiat Spider meet the crew. It’s actually a Pininfarina Fiat Spider 124 and it began it’s life in California before it came to me. Born in 1982, I had fun and giggles with this car, for over 16 years. It was well suited to life in Brisbane.

But alas back in 2012 we parted ways. For nine years the Fiat got little use, as kids had joined our everyday life. I loved this car. It was little and fitted my frame perfectly.  As you see, it’s a sexy little two seater convertible. And from 2002 onward we were four … and not so sexy anymore.

I have the fondest memories of MIC taking no notice of me what-so-ever, until one day I turned up to work in the Fiat. That got his attention and then I kept it with my wit and charm and our shared misadventures.

So the Fiat joined his collection of MGBs and we rode topless for some years. Most memorably we drove the Fiat from Brisbane, down to Broken Hill, across to Adelaide, into Melbourne and back up to Brisbane. Some 4500kms round trip. It was early in our relationship, so it was a real adventure on many levels. As we went various pieces fell off and I collected them and stacked them in the boot. FIAT = fix it again Tony, in my case MIC.

Now, in 2018 the Fiat lives in Perth, we live in New Zealand and I kept MIC and the memories we made in that wee little car. Life is good, even Fiat-less. Cheers, Le

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