Where the wild things are …


So living at the cold beach this year has given me ample opportunity to photograph the hell out of the general vicinity. I am a total sea girl, not just water, as in a lake, the ocean is my thing. Lakes are nice, and yes I know the big ones can get all gusty and moody now and then. But the sea, oh me oh my, I love the sea.

When it’s a bad work day – the sea. When it’s a bad kid day – the sea. When it’s a bad hair day you may as well go visit the sea and sit a while and get the wind swept look good and proper.

Since living and working on an island off the coast of Brisbane, there has been, for me, a sense of calm and peace restored by looking at the sea. This bit of sea is about 160 steps from my current front door. Isn’t she a beauty. No wonder I paint her. 

When I sit by the sea there is the combined effect of the sea air, the wind, the vastness and the tranquillity. I just feel myself go ‘ahhhh’. Some people run, some people drink, some people write away the blues, some people climb mountains, shoot tar (like a goat kinda sorta) or tweet, for me it’s the sea.

Numerous studies suggest a greater sense of well-being is created by living by the sea.  Agreed. I am a sea girl, always have been, always will be. Cheers, Le

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