2009 April – for the love of art

From day dot I have encouraged my boyos to pick up paints and just do art. Just for the love of it. As they are now teens, their choice of self expression has changed, one builds things from wood, metal and plastic, and the other sews and gets creative online.  I still have art work from the early years on the walls. And I love it.

Here we have darling boy’s contribution to the family collection. If you look closely you will see a field of flowers, a person and a scarecrow. Just lovely, a four year old’s masterpiece and a capture of a moment in time, before things had to be liked on Instagram (yes he has quite the wee following of squishy devotees).


2009 april r art
Flower Garden (c) 2009 RTM

The next is a small canvas by first born, aged six. The blank canvas with paints was a present from my sister, Auntie K. First born painted a traffic scene. Little civil engineer in the making, how that warms my little LG cheerleader heart. Not only did first born paint this, he also found the blu tak and stuck it to an appropriate wall.

2009 april j art
Traffic Flow (c) 2009 JMM

Without these posts I would have forgotten the surrounding stories to these wee moments on the parenting pathway. I am so glad I have them. Just for interest the header artwork is mine, done September 2018, using fabric dye on canvas.

Cheers, Le


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