The early years …

So, I am up for sharing some things I have experienced  while working at the coal face. This is not career advice, as I never planned to have a career. If you like, you can think of this space as observations from no-one special. That would be a good way of seeing what I share in the right light.

What I have had is a roller coaster of a ride through 15 years of tourism and hospitality and another 20 in local government. So over several posts, a quick run down of my been there, done that, got the tee shirt unplanned career.

Early Educational Years – Signs of ‘c’ grades (not c suite)

  • Primary School – wavering ‘c’ student, always the shortest in the class. Did not enjoy cross country. Did like dance, loved social studies and never got the hang of syllables and sounding out spelling words. Emerging love of telling stories.
  • Junior High – planned to be a primary school teacher – did a weeks’ work experience at an actual primary school – ick, those super demanding, not even cute kids – changed my mind. Loved science and history, hated German.
  • Senior High – planned to be a social worker – did a weeks’ work experience at a domestic violence agency – cried for three days solid at the inter-generational cycle of abuse  – changed my mind. Loved study of society and commerce. Grew apart from maths.
  • End of High School – planned to be a hairdresser – my dad demanded “you will be a hairdresser with a degree”, thought I might study law so I could learn to win an argument with my dad and be a kick ass hairdresser. UPDATE never won an argument with my dad, stopped trying at 28 (slow learner), am an enthusiastic amateur home hair colour girl – go the YOU TUBE tutorial – currently rocking millennial pink ends.

University Years – Yee Har !!!! Left home, lived in a garage, THE most excellent time

  • Got uni entrance score – not high enough to be a lawyer – in fact, got offered nothing in the first round of uni placements – within five days I had turned my part time retail job into a full time one and decided to become a homewares guru – specialising in cushions, lamps and floor rugs. Soft skills again. Plus I love to gift wrap – win win.
  • Three months later … second offers came out – got offered a Business Degree with a major in hospitality – chosen by me because it included wine appreciation for a semester and they taught you to be a silver service waitress – waitressing = life long job opportunities. And it was at a campus in the country, so got to leave home. Had five days to move 100kms, find somewhere to live and get sorted. Thus my love affair with rural communities begins.
  • The Degree – mostly a very solid ‘c’ student – except in soft skill subjects like consumer behaviour and marketing, where I flourished – and quantitative analysis which I had to learn by rote to not fail as I DID NOT GET IT. Really knocked it out of the ball park on the dance floor at the weekly Wednesday night on campus $2 drinks dance parties – over achiever I was not.
  • Student Work History – waitressed and cleaned hotel rooms all through uni to pay the rent (wait for it … share house of five, $20 each), food ($20 a week – lived on toast and cereal) and fuel ($10 a week for the Kingswood – driving 160kms each weekend to work in the big city) and drinks ($10 a week – see above $2 drinks, social life sorted).
  • Degree included a six month job placement program. Had to go find yourself a job, so I went to Sydney, worked on the north shore – posh side of town – at a Travelodge no less. Became a business lunch specialist, highest tip earner on staff, Yugoslav chef loved me, ate his specially prepared for me meals every work day, toast on days off.

Come back for the next installment of resort living and the fast track to management – hint – stay more than three months – get promoted. Cheers, Le

Le's Memories 004
#girlboss in the making circa mid 1970s

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